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Find it.
Use it.

Assets at your fingertip!

One access to your digital asset ecosystem

The CI HUB asset panel plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Figma, Sketch and WordPress essentially connects your brand assets living within your various asset repositories to your native creative apps.
Maintaining a connection to your asset libraries ensures consistent use of brand assets by all users, streamlines the creative process so that you can produce more content with greater efficiency and accuracy.

No more jumping between tools or windows to find the right asset.


Save 25% of your daily Workflow!
Go for a walk, Take a nap, Watch Netflix, Go to the gym, Meditate
instead. CI HUB streamlines your creative process!

Get direct access to all your assets with CI HUB!

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With data domains and asset libraries throughout your marketing ecosystems is the philosophy behind CI HUB Connector.

Simplify the navigation of your digitals assets stored on intelligent data domains, right inside your preferred creative application.
Search + Filter

Uniform user experience to search and filter digital assets across all connected data domains and asset libraries from one panel.

All Versions

Access and insight into the revision history of the selected asset. Plus, adaptions of the same asset, i.e. High Res, Low Res, Web Res.

Drag n' Drop
Easiest way to place assets into your layout or timeline. Simplifies the tedious task of locating and relinking assets one by one.
Two-Way asset Super Highway, you can upload your assets back to your data domain, keeping all your edits/assets in one place.


Our portfolio of integrations to the best in class data domains covers both On-Premise and Cloud-Hosted solutions with data models for, DAM, MAM, PIM, MDM, CMS, in addition to point marketing data solutions we work with Stock providers and cloud storage services. Together with the system vendors, we are building the best possible connection, and we always motivated by our customers to deliver seamless access to data domains in your marketing ecosystems like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Premiere Pro. And also in Microsoft Power Point, Word and Excel as well as in Google Workspace (Docs, Slides and Sheets), Figma, Sketch and WordPress!

Head over to our listing in the Adobe Exchange to install the extension. 

Head over to our listing on Microsoft AppSource to install the extension. 

Head over to our listing on Google Workspace Marketplace to install the extension.

Head over to our listing on Figma community to install the extension.

Find out more about how CI HUB connects your design teams to your design files, images, text, metadata wherever they are located, directly in Figma: CI HUB Connector for Figma.

Download and install our Sketch extension, here.

By integrating the CI HUB Add-in to Sketch you can reduce your design effort and present any customer-facing assets within your work. Learn more: CI HUB Connector for Sketch.

Head over to our listing on to install the plugin.

Find out more about how CI HUB empowers WordPress users to reduce workload and keep their “Medialab” up to date: CI HUB Connector for WordPress.